Ubuntu Updates

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal

Ubuntu Package Repositories:

Ubuntu package repositories are basically file servers where all the deb packages are kept.

Ubuntu has 4 main official package repositories: main, restricted, universe, and multiverse.

In main repository, Ubuntu supported free and open source softwares are kept.

In restricted repository, proprietary drivers (i.e. NVIDIA) are kept.

In universe repository, free and open-source softwares that are maintained by the community are kept.

In multiverse repository, softwares that have copyright restriction or legal issues are kept.


Updates are only applicable to devices with affordable and stable internet ..

Updating devices like computers, phones, printers or any internet-oriented devices (IOD) are to be updated during stable internet connection.

The price level would depend on your budget and the amount of data needed to update your device.

Normal Windows Update (security (windows defender) without anti-virus software) 50mb or more.

Linux Updates (which has been updated daily) 1 – 10mb or more.

Mobile Phones (system and google services excluding/depending on installed apps) 5mb or more.