Design & Setup

A company with a website establishes the name of the company, its products and or services. It is sort of advertising the image of the company to the world wide web.

The first step to setting up a site is choosing a domain name (e.g. Think of a not very long name which represents the company at best. Having long domain names are not advisable as they tend to be forgotten or misspelled.

Next we draw out the menus for visitors to navigate. Common menus include: Home, Products, Services, Contact and About. Gather good content to be published to each page giving the site guest intelligent information about what your company can offer. Including photos of products or services you provide may help build confidence on the customer making them a potential buyer. (Oh, this company has this service – I need that product – This company has been in the business for that long!)

Another thing to look into is the theme. Company colors that suit the company’s product or service, taglines and such are required for a pleasant and informative looking website.

There are many themes related to the nature of business for each company. Some are paid and others are free. Using wordpress is an easy step to get your site up and running in a few minutes. It also has a huge library of plugins and support.

So, let’s start building you website.