Ubuntu Updates

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal

Ubuntu Package Repositories:

Ubuntu package repositories are basically file servers where all the deb packages are kept.

Ubuntu has 4 main official package repositories: main, restricted, universe, and multiverse.

In main repository, Ubuntu supported free and open source softwares are kept.

In restricted repository, proprietary drivers (i.e. NVIDIA) are kept.

In universe repository, free and open-source softwares that are maintained by the community are kept.

In multiverse repository, softwares that have copyright restriction or legal issues are kept.

Copy File Path from Network Drives

To Copy Full File Paths from Mapped Network Drives you will need to download an application

Download this file

Mapped Network Drive Application

Windows Operation

If you’re using mapped network drives, Windows Explorer will copy a file location like this:


You may assign any letter for the mapped network drive.


This application can be built into an executable and used to add a new right-click context menu to Windows Explorer which would allow you to copy a file path similar to this:


Context Menu.PNG

NB – the file path format will be in DOS format.

Steps to Install

  1. Open project and build into an executable – save as filename.exe and associate files in a new folder in the Program Files directory.
  2. Add the application to the Windows Explorer Context Menu by editing the Windows Registry.
  3. Right click on a file within a mapped network drive and copy the full file path to the clipboard.

Please note, editing the Windows Registry can cause issues so installing this program is undertaken at your own risk.


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